AF Series

FS-Curtis AF Series Energy Saving Air Compressors use industry leading Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology to support compressed air demand while using the least amount of input energy as possible. The Automatic Flow (AF) compressors are dependable, energy efficient and will provide years of reliable service.

Low Cost and Easy Maintenance

  • Standard and high efficiency motors and other components, versus other brandsof variable speed compressors with proprietary parts
  • Open and uncluttered layout for easy access and fast service
  • Service intervals adapt to actual operating conditions using FS-Curtis custom developed software

High Efficiency

  • Automatic Flow™ matches the compressor speed to your air demand, reducing power consumption up to 40%
  • High efficiency motor and drive with a broad turn-down range minimizes energy consumption in all applications
  • Precise pressure control and automatic stand-by mode provide additional savings

Lower Life Cycle Costs

  • Stable and accurate operating pressure with no over-pressurization minimizes energy costs
  • Soft start and stop features with reduced (average) compressor speed reduces compressor wear and tear and minimizes stress to power supply system
  • Reduced wear and tear minimizes service and maintenance requirements
  • Simple design with standard components provides best reliability, value and cost savings over the compressor Life Cycle

High Reliability

  • Low air end and motor speeds provide long and trouble free operational life
  • Standard components are proven, reliable and require minimum service
  • Standard EMC-filter and Line Reactor in the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) lowers total investment cost and prevents harmful effects to your power supplyand other equipment

Touch Screen Control

  • Industry's best user-friendly interface with simple menu structure and touch screen control
  • Real time operational data display for easy reading and operation
  • Multi user-friendly features for service advisories, fault alarms, history logs and status
  • Expandable features for additional control, monitoring and customer benefits.


AF Series