CA Series Gas- Driven

    For automotive, light industrial and other challenging applications, CA Series compressors are built to last. Components are selected based on durability and performance, ensuring that your CA Series compressor delivers reliable performance in demanding applications. Precision-machined components and a dedication to materials of construction that are meant for real world working conditions further assure long-term durability.

    CA Series Features At a Glance

    The Most Durable Pump Construction Available - Meticulous Material Selection Ensures Long-Term Reliability.

    • 100% cast-iron cylinders and cylinder heads
    • Long-lasting, corrosion-resistant crankshaft
    • Reduces thermal stress for increased reliability
    • Deep-finned cast-iron cylinders and cylinder head for cool operation
    • Slow-turning pump increases pump life

    Industrial Design - The Most Robust Reciprocating Air Compressor In Its Class

    • Provides higher pressures, better efficiency and longer life
    • Ready to handle rugged, heavy-duty applications

    Quality Components - For Extended Product Life And Continuous Performance.

    • Industrial-grade main roller bearings are precision fit for support of all rotating parts
    • High-flow, heavy-duty stainless-steel valve system delivers more cfm per horsepower
    • Robust intercooler increases compressor efficiency
    • Metal intake filter/silencer is superior to plastic
    • Heavy-duty stamped-steel belt guard
    • Suction valve head unloaders for continuous running air compressors


     Gas-driven models are ideal for applications that require air when electricity isn’t readily available. FS-Curtis gas-driven models are perfect for fleet and service applications.

    • Choose between Kohler or Honda engines
    • OSHA-approved totally enclosed metal belt guard
    • ASME-approved air receiver
    • 12V DC starter with alternator
    • Engine idle control