CT Series- Standard Package

    You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and durability with your air compressor purchase. That’s why FS-Curtis created the CT Series. These reciprocating compressors combine our signature performance and reliability with a simple industrial design, making them the most rugged — and affordable — compressors in their category. The field-proven CT Series will last longer in the same conditions than other compressors that claim 100% cast-iron construction but still use aluminum for critical components. For light automotive, light industrial and other applications, they’re the ideal choice.

    CT Series Features At a Glance

    100% Cast-Iron Cylinders, Cylinder Heads Connecting Rods, And High Pressure Pistons - More Cast-Iron For Longer Service Life.

    • Two-stage cast-iron pump is significantly more durable than pumps with aluminum components
    • Deep-finned cast-iron cylinders and heads for cool operation
    • Industry-leading cast-iron cylinders high-pressure pistons for extreme durability
    • Ductile iron crankshaft is stronger, more corrosion-resistant and less likely to break

    Quality Components - Built to last for superior compressor life.

    • High-flow, heavy-duty stainless steel channel valve system delivers more cfm per horsepower
    • Precision-fit, industrial-grade main roller bearings support all rotating parts for longer pump life
    • Robust intercooler increases compressor efficiency
    • Oil level sight glass is conveniently located for easy monitoring
    • Metal intake filter/silencer is superior to plastic

    Value-Minded Industrial Design - Robust Performance At A Lower Cost.

    • Provides higher pressures and longer life than single-stage pumps
    • Follows the same world-class quality design standards as other FS-Curtis products
    • Slow turning pump increases pump life
    • Robust design sets the CT Series apart from comparable entry-l
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