DA Series – Modular Compressed Air Dryers

DA modular dryer offers economy minded compressed air users a simple and effective no-nonsense approach to dry compressed air. Great for use with any type of compressor including piston, scroll, rotary vane or rotary screw technologies. The ability to function with inlet temperatures to 150'F makes it ideal for use with tank mounted reciprocating air compressors that lack an aftercooler.

Key Features:

  • 150'F maximum inlet temperature
  • Environmentally friendly, uses no refrigerant
  • Lowest operational and maintenance cost of any regenerative air dryer
  • Operates uninterrupted in dirty or dusty environments
  • Easy installation (universal wall or compressor mounting brackets) in a compact and expandable system
  • Alternative to a high inlet temperature refrigerated dryer
  • Molecular sieve dessicant in easy spin-on canisters
  • Particulate afterfilter built into the canisters