DL Heatless Desiccant Dryers

    Available flow rates: 40 - 5400 scfm. The DL Series dryers are engineered with three application specific control systems delivering consistent outlet pressure dew points to ISO 8573.1 Class 1 (-100°F).

    Key Features

    • Minimum purge air used offers quiet operation
    • Premium grade desiccant beads enhance surface area and have high crush strength
    • Desiccant beds ensure 4.8 seconds of contact time
    • Large flow diffusers ensure even flow distribution through the bed and eliminate channeling
    • Up-flow drying allows water and heavy contaminants to drop out of the air stream
    • Separate fill and drain ports for ease of desiccant replacement
    • Optional pre-mounted filtration package increases lifetime of desiccant and avoid system contamination
    • Precision switch valves automatically shift to low pressure side of the circuit to control process flow

    Three Optional Controller

    • Standard Controller
      • Delivers maximum value to applications that operate at or near full capacity
      • Time controlled bed regeneration cycles offer consistent performance and economy of purchase
      • Simple timer based controller
    • Selectable Purge Controller
      • Selectable energy savings
      • Tailor the drying cycles to match your peak air demand in 10% increments
      • Controller offers four pressure dew point settings to increase your savings and adapt the system to the environment
    • Automatic Energy Saving Controller
      • Matches purge air use to the demand on the system
      • Select from four pressure dew point settings to optimize your savings for each season
      • Controller features vacuum fluorescent text display that communicates energy savings, operating mode and service reminders