Eco Series


FS-Curtis Eco Scroll oil-free air compressors are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified compressors which are energy efficient, easy to operate and maintain, quiet and save space in your facility. A failure of components in an oil-injected compressor can result in oil contamination which will cause expensive damage to downstream products and processes.  Because the ECO series requires no oil, it delivers Class 0 clean and efficient compressed air, meaning that there is no risk of oil contamination or the expenses associated with it.

Clean, Oil-free Air

Note- A failure of any of the oil-injected compressor’s components can result in oil contamination, causing damaged products

  • Delivers ISO 8573-1 (2010) Class 0 clean & efficient compressed air
  • No oil contamination

Whisper Quiet

  • Designed for quieter operation
  • Designed to be installed in applications where quiet setting is important
  • Noise level between 57 and 63 dBA
  • ES04 57 dBA
  • ES08 59 dBA
  • ES11 61 dBA
  • ES15 63 dBA
  • No inlet valve knocking noise
  • Ultra low vibration (5mm/s or less)

Reduced Cost

  • Minimal service - Air filters and belts. No oil separation, oil filtration or inlet valves
  • Avoids costly filter replacements which cuts maintenance cost
  • Lowers the need for downstream filtration and costly element replacement
  • Cuts extra energy costs needed to maintain pressure due to filtration
  • Eliminates oil cost because there is no metal to metal contact between the scrolls

Powerful & Energy Efficiency

Built to the highest levels of dependability, reliability & efficiency

  • Powered by high efficient motor TEFC IE3
  • Exclusive ECO-Series scroll airend
  • Fixed and orbital scrolls are precisely meshed
  • Centrifugal cooling fan keeps heat exchange efficient and quiet
  • Check valves and safety relief valves in line to prevent back pressure to the airend
  • ES04 (5HP) Delivers 14.5 CFM @ 116PSI
  • ES08 (10HP) Delivers 29 CFM @ 116PSI
  • ES11 (15HP) Delivers 43.5 CFM @ 116PSI
  • ES15 (20HP) Delivers 58 CFM
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Units are start/stop controlled
  • Can be oversized without harm to scroll airend

Ecologically Conscious

Smart & environmentally conscious design

  • Environmentally friendly ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Air
  • Small footprint, space-saving modular design
  • Unit installation in work space gives you reduced installation costs
  • Promotes energy conservation by avoiding the use of oil
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Less motional parts results in higher reliability
  • Simple Controller

Smart User-Friendly Controller

User-friendly control interface with an easy-to-read display

  • Informative menus allow user to program maintenance alerts for consumables
  • Warning/alarm and shutdown gives you multiple protections against damaging implications
  • Real-time pressure and temperature reading for real-time status monitoring
  • Simple and easy to operate, much like a reciprocating compressor


FS Curtis' Eco Scroll oil-free scroll compressors provide 100% oil-free air for critical applications in industries such as electronics, pharmaceutical, hospitals, printing, automotive, universities, dental applications, water aeration, food and beverage.

  • Electronic- Oil-free air is needed to activate tools, control valves and actuators. Also moving components with oil-free air is crucial as they could be compromised by residue very easily.
  • Pharmaceuticals - Coatings are sprayed on tablets using compressed air. Oil in the air would be directly deposited on the tablets causing rejections or health risks. If oily, exhaust air from automated components could contaminate the production line leading to rejected final products and possible health code violations.
  • Hospital- Supply medical air while operating surgical tools simultaneously and cannot add toxic or flammable contaminants into the compressed air
  • Printing- Various automated machines that, if oil is introduced, would compromise final product
  • Automotive/Aftermarket- One of the most important aspects of paint application is oil free air. It alleviates any fish eyes, streaks or any other oil carry over imperfections. If these occur, costly steps including wet sanding, stripping, sanding and even repainting, have to be taken to correct the problems. Also, no extra high dollar filtration is needed. Clean up equipment is minimized due to the oil free air. Due to the 100% duty cycle, scroll compressors do not suffer catastrophic failures that occur when light run conditions are more frequent.
  • Automotive/Assembly- for assembly line robotics and high quality paint and clear coat finishes
  • Universities- for Lab testing in clean room environments
  • Dental- needed for air tools that will come in direct contact with the patient
  • Water aeration- for uses in theme parks where animals and/or humans are in direct contact with the water being aerated
  • Food and Beverage- needed for fermentation, packaging, bottling, cleaning, filling and capping. Assembly line exhausts containing oil will contaminate final products


ECO Series