EV-PRO Condensate Seperators

Using a specially treated, adsorbent, polypropylene media the EV-PRO condensate separators efficiently and effectively separate all compressor lubricants without the need for a condensate storage tank, settling chambers or constant disposal. The EV-PRO offers the most reliable solutions to meet environment regulations and ensure you are ISO 14000 compliant.


  • Any type of condensate drain
  • Portable applications
  • Floor space restrictions
  • EPA discharge regulations
  • Operating cost concerns
  • High and or low compressed air flows
  • High and or low condensate flows
  • Any type of compressor oil *
  • Emulsified mixtures

Available in sizes of 70 cfm to 1250 cfm.

* Consult the factory for larger, 24/7 or specialized applications or for sizing assistance when using PAG lubricants.