FS- Connect Piping System

High Quality Aluminum Air Piping

The heart of the Connect Piping System is high quality aluminum alloy tubing which provides a super efficient, lightweight, flexible and easy to install system. With the use of a standard tubing cutter any type of system can be installed. Whether it’s a simple straight run along a wall to the most complex of installations, the Connect Piping System will prove to be the easiest system on the market to use.

Push Connect Fittings

To support the Connect Piping System’s high-quality tubing, a comprehensive range of simple-to-use push-in fittings complete the lineup. As long as the tubing is deburred, simply push the tubing into the fitting and your connection is made and ready to use.

The FS-Connect Piping System’s benefits include:

• Energy efficient
• Lower installation costs
• Push-to-connect technology
• Immediate pressurization
• Removable and reusable
• Modular design
• No corrosion
• Leak-free guarantee
• Full bore design
• 1/2" - 6" pipe sizes