NxHE Series 90-260kW


    Compared to single stage compressors, a two-stage is much closer to isothermal compression. This is achieved by injection of fresh oil between the stages which reduces the inlet temperature to the second stage. This lower inlet temperature increases efficiency by reducing the compression ratio between the stages. In addition, leakage between the rotor seals is significantly reduced resulting in outstanding volumetric efficiency.

    Two-stage air compressors are closer to the
    ideal isothermal compression:

    • Reduced leakage increases volumetric efficiency
    • Saves 10-15% of energy compared to single stage compressors
    • Increases flow 10-15% compared to single stage compressors
    • Lower pressure differential increases efficiency and reliability
    • Low heat load
    • Easy maintenance and service
    • Lowest life-cycle cost of any compressor on the market

    Features and Benefits:

    eCOOL® Technology
    The ultimate in system protection and reliability
    • Protects critical components from compressor-generated heat
    • Compartmentalized air flow design and oversized aftercooler
    • Extends component life and reduces downtime

    Energy-efficient Two-stage Airend
    Energy-saving and Eco-friendly
    • Patented airend design integrates the first and second stage rotors into one airend
    • Oil is injected between the first and second stages to cool the air and optimize efficiency
    • Splitting the compression cycle into Two-stages reduces the axial and thrust loading to which improves service life of airend and bearings
    • Two-stage compression significantly reduces noise

    Effectively integrated overall design
    Designed for low cost of ownership, easy service & little down time
    • Safe, efficient air filter system
    • Independent bearing lubrication
    • High efficiency, easy-to-maintain oil separator
    • IE3 high efficiency motor
    • End face sealed to prevent leakage
    • Connections utilize o-ring face seals for leak--free performance
    • Asbestos-free gaskets protect operator health

    Industry Applications

    • Woodworking
    • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Printing
    • Packaging
    • Glass/Plastics
    • Power Generation
    • Textiles
    • Mining