RES Series


The RES Series is the ideal solution to reliably and economically dry compressed air. The innovative technology does not require a recirculating pump and associated piping. This results in a simpler, more energy efficient design.

Stainless steel brazed plate 4-in-1 heat exchanger (patent pending), with phase change material reservoir

  • The PCM thermal reservoir operates at a precise temperature to deliver a stable pressure dew point.

  • Smooth, non-fouling stainless steel surfaces promote low resistance to flow, optimizing air system efficiency

No-air-loss, demand drain efficiently removes condensate without loss of compressed air

  • Condensate drain lines terminate at discharge connections conveniently located on the side of the dryer

  • Failure to discharge alarm on the operator interface enhances system reliability

High efficiency, up-flow aluminum air-cooled condenser

  • Pulls ambient air through the condenser and releases out the top of the dryer condenser

  • Provides cooler condensing air and greater efficiency

Reliable, semi-hermetic refrigerant compressors

  • Environmentally friendly, globally accepted refrigerants

  • Rugged design, for long-term operation